Lindy Stetson - Principal

Lindy Stetson Principal

Ms. Stetson is in her fourth year as a principal at RSUD schools. Prior to being a principal in RSUD schools, Ms. Stetson was a high school social studies teacher and athletic director.  She has coached multiple high school sports.  Ms. Stetson truly loves supporting teachers and staff to watch our students learn!

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Janet Whitaker Stockbridge Administrative Assistant

Ms. Janet started working as an administrative assistant at SCS in 2018. Prior to that, she worked in sales and customer service.   Ms. Janet has a granddaughter who attends SCS which is a real bonus!  She loves working with people and working as a team with the rest of the staff.

Erica Harrington

Erica Harrington Rochester Administrative Assistant

Ms. Erica is the administrative assistant at Rochester. Originally from Central New York, she has lived in Vermont for 17 years. When she is not working at school, she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and skiing with her husband and their two children.

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